Turia Pitt

I stumbled upon this blog which belongs to a young woman from France. I have enjoyed exploring her posts, but this one, in particular, hit me very hard. Why? Because I often write about the tremendous work that God has done in my life, and how He has changed me from the inside out, but I don’t know if I have the same capacity for love that this story illustrates.

Beauty is not skin deep at all. Beauty doesn’t even start there. The man whose face smiles back at the camera while standing next to the woman he loves understands this.

I almost want to cry because I am not sure I do. It would be easy to SAY I do, but I wonder.

My prayers are with everyone mentioned in this post. Please add yours.



In 2011 beautiful Turia Pitt was an Australian mining engineer, model and marathon runner. That year has changed her life a lot. She was trapped by a grass fire in a 100 kilometre ultra-marathon, and suffered burns to 65 per cent of her body. Her life did not end at that. Now she became to be known as one of Australia’s most inspirational and courageous people. Turia is famously known to be an inspirational and motivational speaker, author and soon be wife of her fiance Michael Hoskin.

Michael, when CNN asked if there was a time, that he thought of leaving her and submit Pitt to someone’s care, replied;

“I married her soul, her character, and she’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

I was amazed when I read their love story. Because I have seen lots of people being left even by their parents after injury. Behind every person like Turia…

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" For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT)
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  1. Diane W says:



  2. Thank you for “liking” a comment I made on another blog. I’m always blown away by the blogs I come across from a mere click of the button. Thank you also for sharing such an inspriational story. ~Steph


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