March 18


the perfect day to drop everything and go fishing.

“And He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’”  Matthew 4:19 NASB

No need for fishing poles, hooks, line or sinkers.

All we need to go fishing is the desire to help others find the salvation, restoration, forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, and joy that we have found through our relationship with the Lord.

Andrew and his brother Simon – also called Peter – were getting ready to go fishing with nets when Jesus made them a better offer. Andrew had heard John the Baptist talking about Jesus and “…found first his own brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah (which translated means Christ).’” (John 1:41 NASB).

Because they were familiar with Jesus they dropped everything when He called to them and went off with Him. While they knew that Jesus was the Messiah; while they knew that Jesus was special; and while they knew that the journey they were embarking on was an important one, they had no idea that the next few years would change the entire world forever.

What a fish story they would have to tell.

Even today, Jesus Christ extends an invitation to each one of us to join the longest, most productive fishing expedition in the history of mankind. He invites us to join Him in throwing out the fishing line of the Word of God that has the hook of truth tied on the end and is baited with the promise of salvation.

If we respond to the invitation to “Follow Me”; if we practice the teachings of Christ that are found in the Bible; and if we share what we learn with others and let them see the changes in ourselves, we should have some pretty good fish stories of our own to tell as well.

Fishing for souls is not a contest.

There are no prizes for first, second, or third place. Everyone who joins Jesus in fishing for souls is a winner, just as each soul ‘caught’ is one as well.

There is no messy clean up either, for the cleansing of the soul is a task performed by the Lord.

There is no expensive equipment needed to join Jesus on His fishing expedition. A Bible, a warm smile, and a desire to “reel someone in” for a better life here on earth, and the everlasting life that the promise of salvation holds, is all that is needed.

Today is the perfect day to go fishing, so drop what you are doing and become ‘fishers of men.’


Taken from “TODAY IS….A Gift From God”, (C) 2013 Tony Casson

About Tony Casson

" For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT)
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